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2020/21 Child Season Rental Package

Ages 14 and under. Package includes boots, skis, and poles for skiers and boots, bindings, and board for snowboarders. Helmets are NOT included. Choose regular or extended rental period.|All sales are final with no refunds, credits or transfers. Equipment insurance covers minor scrapes or damage done to the base of the ski or board, as well as minor top sheet damage or binding repair. Does not cover lost, stolen or broken equipment. As a result of not purchasing equipment insurance, Renters may be subject to a base repair fee or be responsible for paying full product MSRP. *Please Note: Standard Season Rentals are due back by Eldora's Closing Day (currently scheduled for April 11, 2021). Any rentals returned after the due date will be subject to a minimum of a $40 dollar late fee. Rentals not returned by May 28, 2021 will be charged full MSRP for the equipment rented. Season Rental returns after Eldora Closing Day on April 11, 2021 must schedule a return time due to limited staff availability.